Privacy Policy

Hi! If you clicked here, it’s probably because you’re curious about why a site like this has a privacy policy. (The answer is…the be GDPR compliant!) Or maybe you’re just concerned about what might happen if you fill out a form on my site. So let me spell out for you how I handle stuff like that:

Personal Data I Collect:

Just what you fill out in any forms, which is pretty much the minimum I need to do my job. Your name and contact info so I can follow up on your inquiry and (hopefully!) book you as a client, as well as any info that helps with scheduling, meeting up, etc.
I use either Google Analytics or Stat Counter (I can’t decide which I like better and tend to switch back and forth every year or so…) and they collect and report to me locations, IP addresses, etc. I use this information to get a feel for which marketing approaches bring the most visitors to my site and help me get the word out. I don’t store that locally and can’t identify individuals from that anyway.
Google analytics and StatCounter do use cookies to provide me with that information, but otherwise my site does not use any kind of cookies.

How I keep your data:

Form results come to me in an email, which is kept in my password protected laptop (and I am smart enough to have a strong password. I promise it’s not “password123” or anything lame like that.) I also keep a database of clients who book me. Client information is kept indefinitely, again behind a strong password on my laptop and also on my phone. Inquiries that don’t book with me are purged once a year after their due date has passed.

Comments on my site:
All comments on the posts on my site are public, and it’s clear they are public. I don’t save or view any of the contact info there. So don’t post anything there you’d rather have private, okay?

Use of your data:
I will use the contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.) to follow up on your inquiry and provide you with any services you hire me for. I don’t do newsletters or promotional emails, but I will ask clients to share an online review of my services and I will send you a link to do that a few months afterwards. I’m not a spammer, and I don’t ever give your information to any third party, ever.

Your rights:
Under the GDPR, you have the right to correct, amend, or ask me to delete any info I have on you. If you’ve hired me, keeping that info up to date and correct is a super helpful thing so I can reach you and actually do the job you’ve hire me for! So please do update your info by sending me an email, texting me, or an old fashioned phone call works, too. Just don’t ask me to delete your info until after my services are completed, because that would make my job really tough.

That’s All, Folks!