Wednesday Wrap Up April 27

WednesdayWrapUpJAn new and interesting approach to parental leave. I don’t know that it is the solution, as it doesn’t help the families who don’t have “spare” money to sock away, but I’m glad the discussion on the issues surrounding parental leave is happening.

I liked this article on being emotionally prepared for birth. Don’t forget to turn off your Shark Music!

See? Even monkeys have other monkeys attend them in births!

I enjoyed reading these articles on WIO (The Wait it Out Method) and Learning to Self Soothe approaches to nighttime sleep with infants and toddlers.

A great breastfeeding site I recommend just got a complete revamp – which makes it more accessible to mobile devices. Breastfeeding Made Simple


Wednesday Wrap Up April 20

WednesdayWrapUpRI am pretty dedicated and will do a lot to make it to a birth, but riding an inflatable swan is not something I’ve ever done. Yet. (And hopefully never!)

Lamaze International has released a new report from the Roundtable held last year that outlines some of the discussion and lays out what Lamaze plans to do going forward to increase access to childbirth education.

An article I wrote this week as several newer doulas in my area and online have fallen for the fake Help! I’m in Labor online chat scamthis week.

I find it both frustrating that respectful maternal care is something that is something that is debated about and that some feel it isn’t important, yet encouraging that there are some working so hard to model and teach it to care providers around the world.


Wednesday Wrap Up April 13

WednesdayWrapUpSSome new parents worry quite a bit about the whole foremilk/hindmilk thing. I loved this very reasonable approach to understanding foremilk and hindmilk.

Along the same lines…Why You Should Never Ask a Breastfeeding Mom if She’s Making Enough Milk

Once again, Amy Gilliland knocks it out of the park with her wise words for doulas, this time she addresses how doulas can handle the issue of past abuse and trauma with their clients in a healthy and sensitive way.

An interesting academic look at the way we talk about cesarean births, particularly online.

I enjoyed reading this mom’s story of her inner emotional journey during her 44 week pregnancy and her birth.


Wednesday Wrap Up April 6

WednesdayWrapUpBreastfeedingI love hearing the story of Seth Meyers and his wife having their son (on my birthday!), but kinda wish he hadn’t had to go back to work so soon after the baby.

I see so very many questions about the mucous plug. This article (which contains pictures, so heads up on that) addresses everything you need to know about the mucous plug – and then some!

I’ll be at the Perinatal Professionals Conference right here in Utah next week – will you be there to hear from Penny Simkin and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, too? Registration closes tomorrow, so act fast!

It’s Cesarean Awareness Month. Did you know these 10 Truths About Cesareans?

Why newborns hate being put down, and some things you can do to help them during the Fourth Trimester.


Wednesday Wrap Up March 30

Web links for birthdayWell, I’m a year older now, time to trot out the WWU header that has my baby photo in it again…

The Problem with Hollywood’s Portrayal of Pregnant Women It’s absurd sometimes, and not realistic for many women!

A birth story – one with lots of twists and turns and complications – from the point of view of a dad struggling to comprehend his new role and his daughter’s complicated medical needs.

One of my favorite sites, Evidence Based Birth, has done it again, this time with a new review of the literature on advanced maternal age. You can read more about the topic in an interview with Rebecca Dekker, the author of the piece, over on Science and Sensibility.

Not sure how I feel about this article overall. Some things resonated with me, others definitely not. But I’ll just recommend it as thought provoking: Confessions of a Radical Doula