Wednesday Wrap Up July 6

WednesdayWrapUpSA very basic Five Things you Need to Know About Breastfeeding in the First Three Days. I do something similar in my classes, but there are 10 tips for the first couple weeks.

Funny idea, I’m amazed someone made it and it’s actually in a doctor’s office. I’d say most of the dads I work with fall somewhere between 1-4 on the Birth Reaction Assessment Tool. The rest is just hyperbole.

A look at what it might feel inside to experience postpartum psychosis, and the recovery from it. How Postpartum Psychosis Made Me Terrified of My Own Baby

I’ve seen women feel inhibited from making the sounds they want to make in labor. It’s not good. For some reason, our society equates quiet with coping well and noisy with not coping well. That *can* be true, but the opposite can be true as well. Are Women’s Birth Sounds Being Silenced in the Hospital?

This week was the Teach the Breech Conference in Amsterdam. I’ve been reading daily summaries over at Stand and Deliver and Spinning Babies.


Wednesday Wrap Up June 29

WednesdayWrapUpTWell, it finally happened – I missed a week of the Wednesday Wrap Up! It was a rough, rough week last week. We moved from one house to another, and in the middle of our move we got word that our oldest two daughters had experienced a mechanical problem and flipped their car on the way to their jobs at Yellowstone. So we up and left to go to them (with our belongings half at one house, half at the other) and went up to Idaho for a few days to make sure they were okay, see about fixing the car, and help them cope. They are fine, physically uninjured but emotionally traumatized, and their car was unsaveable and will need to be replaced. Last Wednesday I spent renting a car and driving them to where they needed to be. I put 686 miles on that rental car in one day – and I was the only driver. So the WWU didn’t get done. I honestly didn’t even think about it.

Now that they are settled at Yellowstone, and I’m in progress of getting settled in the new house, here are this week’s links:

Loved this list of Six Ways to Help When Breastfeeding is Hard. So very applicable to lots of other situations, too.

While I have heard every single one of these comments from people about my work as a doula, I don’t think *everyone* gets these things wrong.

A great list of Dangerous Essential Oils Myths – I’ve said it before, and I’ve said it often. If you believe in the power of essential oils, then you’d *better* respect that power and use them intelligently.

Love the creativity and ideas here, a group of artists all depicted What Disney Princesses Would Look Like as Mothers. Some are pregnant, some breastfeeding, some with babies.

While I don’t agree with everything she said, I do really like this article. Women are simply NOT helped by dogmatic belief in one way of birth. Women are helped by learning to make their own decisions and navigate their own path.

And finally, the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Academy of Nursing have put together a list of 15 things patients should question about their health care. Four of them are birth related. Read about the birth related ones here, and see the full list here.


Wednesday Wrap Up June 15

WednesdayWrapUpQBig day for me and my family, as we are closing on our new home today! Been so busy packing I almost forgot to publish the Wednesday Wrap Up.

Nice little collection of 11 TED Talks for Pregnancy and Birth

If you ever had any doubt that the Similac “Mother ‘Hood” video was a commercial, take a look at this interview with the creator, on the occasion of his winning an award for it’s effectiveness in increasing formula sales.

The US National Vital Statistics has released some preliminary 2015 birth data – and there are some interesting trends. Science and Sensibility takes a look at these trends.

I’d never seen these carved ivory anatomical models of pregnant women before, and found this article on their use and history very interesting.

I was just discussing this with a fellow educator and was thinking I might make a blog post on it when I read this article: 6 is the new 4 – on the changes to the definitions of the stages of labor that happened a couple years back. My approach is a little different than the educators in the article – and I probably will blog about it once things settle down.


Wednesday Wrap Up June 8

I loved this article as I know many moms who feel guilt if they don’t feel an immediate and huge rush of pure love at the first sight of the baby. It certainly can happen, but I think that more often than not it isn’t Love at First Sight.

They’re still staged and unrealistic, but at least these photos of the Not-So Glamorous Side of Pregnancy are funny.

A look at one way that those who are serving women in birth can better express their faith in moms abilities: Mama’s Gotta Move: Labor and Childbirth Should Empower Women

An interesting sociological look at the Backwards History of Nursing in Public and the difficult situation it puts mothers in.

In case you missed it, have you heard of the new trend of sea turtle birth? It’s all the rage.


Wednesday Wrap Up June 1

An interesting look at how the language we use can impact those we work with in ways we might never imagine: Birthspeak

The “debate” held at ACOG about whether or not all women should be induced at 39 weeks has been all the talk this week. I’ve read several articles analyzing it, but this one comes closest to what my reactions were.

My friend Kim James articulates the educational roles of childbirth educators and doulas – and the line between them – very well. As someone who works in both roles, it’s nice to see what I’ve believed for a while now spelled out so clearly.

Not sure how I feel about this yet. Doulas are paraprofessionals. While I agree with the conclusion, I’m not real clear on why it NEEDS to be clarified to doulas.

I always appreciate photography that can tell a story, and I enjoyed this Day in the Life of a Midwife in Tazania