Wednesday Wrap Up November 16

WednesdayWrapUpTIt’s that time of year again…time to talk about inductions for the holidays and/or tax deduction. My favorite quote of all time on this topic is from Robin Elise Weiss: “Thanksgiving is not a complication of pregnancy.”
Talking Turkey: Inductions for the Holidays
To Do List: Wrap Gifts: Have Baby
And lest you think I just don’t get it…my second baby was due on Christmas Day. I was offered an induction at NINE WEEKS and was told that the December induction calendar fills up about July, so I shouldn’t wait to decide.
Does the hospital feel wrong for your birth, but you’re not sure about a home birth? Maybe a birth center is a good choice for you.
We’re getting our first snow of the year today if the weatherman is right, so it seems like a good idea to share these tips on getting out with your newborn in winter.


Wednesday Wrap Up November 2

WednesdayWrapUpAI’ve seen changes in a client’s due date wreak havoc in a mom’s birth plan – and it doesn’t take much of a change! If your care provider wants to make changes to your due date, ask these questions first!

Another celebrity opens up about her struggle with postpartum depression and how she made it through. You are not alone, and reaching out to others can make a big difference.

Hand expression is a great skill that can be useful for nursing moms, and it’s FREE. This video teaches some of the basics of breast massage and hand expression.

An interesting new alliance in the birth community. It will be interesting to see where this new organization, a merger of Improving Birth, CIMS and Birth Network National, will go. Looks like they are going to be called the Improving Birth Coalition.

Aside from the blatant theft of some of my photos of peanut balls (GRRRRR) I liked this article on what doulas can teach OBs about birth.

And just because I’m all riled up about image theft, some reminders and info about how to do it right:

Copy Right: Using Images in your presentations and teaching materials appropriately

A Guide to Finding and Using Images for Teaching, Presentations, Blogging and Other Uses


Wednesday Wrap Up Oct 26

WednesdayWrapUpRSweet article on what they really should have warned me about highlights an interesting societal quirk: We just love to tell people all the bad stuff and not the good.

From the “sad, but true” files: Reality of Fatherhood Hits The Onion sometimes really hits all too close to the truth.

The American Academy of Pediatrics came out with a new set of recommendations on infant sleep this week, and you can read some discussion of the changes over on Science and Sensibility.

Watch Penny Simkin interview Melissa Bangs about her one woman show Playing Monopoly With God – which shares Melissa’s story of postpartum psychosis and her personal journey with it.

The Well Rounded Mama discusses a new study that shows exercise in pregnancy might reduce the rate of cesareans.


Wednesday Wrap Up October 19

WednesdayWrapUpRAn amazing story of a woman who survived placenta percreta so invasive her surgeons didn’t even remove the placenta at the time of birth. Not every woman with this complication is so lucky! You can read more about the various types of placental complications with the March of Dimes and their connection to cesarean births at the Well Rounded Mama.

A look at why our society needs to start caring about the experience of the mother during birth.

I’ve seen this post on The Newborn Stomach Size Myth create a lot of interest in birth and breastfeeding circles this week, and it’s a good example of questioning the status quo and digging deeper into the research. I’m still thinking about how this might influence my teaching!

I’m very disappointed to be home right now, and not on my way to West Palm Beach, FL for the 2016 Lamaze International Conference. But if you’re like me and moping around feeling left out, it’s not too late to register to attend some of the virtual sessions!


Wednesday Wrap Up Oct 12

WednesdayWrapUpAI’m not much of a theme park person, but I do appreciate this Magical Breastfeeding Moment at Disneyland.

A lovely collection of photographs of breech births. Breech can be normal and safe.

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they make baby shower cakes. And sometimes you’ve just got to laugh.

I’ve known two women who breastfed their babies in similar circumstances: One Breast Tried to Kill Me, the Other Keeps My Baby Alive

It’s long, but it’s an interesting read to see how this dad became a home birth advocate: A Father’s Perspective on Home Birth