Wednesday Wrap Up Feb 8

WednesdayWrapUpTFunniest and most exaggerated depiction of a doula in an ad goes to….Duracell! When I first started this work, “doula” wasn’t even in the dictionary. Now doulas are mainstream enough to be mocked. I’d call that progress!

An interesting look at what we already know about marijuana and breast milk, as well as a few details on an upcoming study on the topic.

Ever since ACOG changed the “definitions” of the different stages of labor, I’m seeing lately a lot of birth professionals rethinking how they label and address stages of labor, and I find it fascinating. Not sure I think any of these are any better or worse than the traditional medical descriptors, but I am loving the idea of freeing birth from strict labeling:

Holistic Stages of Birth
Understanding and Assessing Labor Progress
Teaching 6 is the new 4

A stark look at consent as it applies to care during pregnancy and in labor and birth.
And a semi-hopeful update with input from care providers


Wednesday Wrap Up – the first of 2017!

WednesdayWrapUpAI could relate to so much of this birth photographer’s experiences with burn out, both as a doula and a birth photographer. Birth work can be exhausting, and I’m finding over the years the balance of how many births to take has changed!

Interesting historical look at childbirth that has me wondering what might be shown/said about birthing in THIS decade in twenty or thirty years.

A tough read, but all too true: Too Many Women are Leaving Hospital After Childbirth with PTSD because of Bad Care. I have seen it play out in my work with women. I have also seen many women decide against getting help for postpartum complications because they don’t want to be treated again as they were during their births, resulting in things becoming pretty serious.

I haven’t even seen a Star Wars movie since the 1970s (I know, I know) and I still enjoyed this article: Did Inadequate Women’s Health Care Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic?

ACOG has *finally* updated their recommendations on cord clamping, moving away from a recommendation of immediate cord clamping to leaving time for the newborn’s blood to return to the baby. But there are some who feel that the recommendation to wait 30-60 seconds isn’t long enough.


Wednesday Wrap Up Dec 28


A fascinating case report in the New England Journal of medicine tells an amazing story of a baby who survived a large rupture of the uterus during pregnancy.

A great article on doulas and how they help women, from Essence Magazine.

Guess what? Alcohol during breastfeeding isn’t taboo after all!

A lovely birth story – birth didn’t go as planned, but this family’s strength and love impress me. She talks about how birth is a mystery and she had to embrace the mystery, the vulnerability, the huge unknown that IS birth. Plus the mom, the doulas, the midwife and the birth photographer are all friends of mine so it feels so familiar to me.

I love seeing articles like this in more mainstream womens’ magazines like Elle Why Do So Many Hospitals Prohibit Vaginal Birth After a C-Section?

Fun list of things that pregnant women were told to avoid in the past. I wonder what kind of a list they might make 50 years from now about the “crazy” things pregnant women are told now!


Wednesday Wrap Up November 23

WednesdayWrapUpRIn case you missed it, here’s the very funny video of Sterling K Brown from the show This is Us telling the story of unexpectedly catching his own baby.

Another birth-related video of a woman balancing a career catching babies and training for the Olympics at the same time. Makes me feel a bit lazy by comparison.

I enjoyed this profile of a birth doula, and I wholeheartedly agree that I have never seen a birth that didn’t move me emotionally.

I don’t know if it is the holidays, or what, but I’ve noticed a pretty distinct slowdown in the frequency of a lot of the birthy blogs I read, and it’s led me to go to an every-other-week schedule with the WWU. If you see anything of note, please email me or comment here!


Wednesday Wrap Up November 16

WednesdayWrapUpTIt’s that time of year again…time to talk about inductions for the holidays and/or tax deduction. My favorite quote of all time on this topic is from Robin Elise Weiss: “Thanksgiving is not a complication of pregnancy.”
Talking Turkey: Inductions for the Holidays
To Do List: Wrap Gifts: Have Baby
And lest you think I just don’t get it…my second baby was due on Christmas Day. I was offered an induction at NINE WEEKS and was told that the December induction calendar fills up about July, so I shouldn’t wait to decide.
Does the hospital feel wrong for your birth, but you’re not sure about a home birth? Maybe a birth center is a good choice for you.
We’re getting our first snow of the year today if the weatherman is right, so it seems like a good idea to share these tips on getting out with your newborn in winter.