What I Do

Birth Doula Services
Private Childbirth Classes
Belly Casting
Doula Mentoring

I am a doula, childbirth educator, photographer, and all around birth advocate. I fully believe that every woman deserves to have the birth she wants and to be treated with dignity and respect. It’s why I do what I do. I provide birth doula services and childbirth education throughout the Salt Lake Valley and Park City (Utah).

So what exactly is a doula?

I get this question a lot! A doula is an experienced woman who helps other women during labor and birth. The concept is not a new one. Through the ages, women in labor have been surrounded by their mothers, sisters, neighbors, or friends, all women who had some experience with the process of birth and could provide the empathy, support and advice a woman needed. In the last few decades, the way families are spread out, this is no longer a realistic possibility for most. So the concept of a professional doula was born. As a doula, I bring a caring heart, an always growing body of knowledge and experience, and a bag of tricks that I’ve found helpful.

I also offer personalized childbirth classes, bellycasting, and maternity, birth and newborn photography.

I hope you will consider inviting me to your birth.